Vision And Fashion Group

Global leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of fashion, luxury, and performance eyewear Optical & Sun glasses with high technical and stylistic quality

The company was founded and established in 2013 by the Founder Mr. Abdelhalim Yousef after 25 years of experience in the field of optics (wholesale and retail trading) to serve both the Distributors and Customers.

One of the Group’s competitive advantages is the vertically integrated business model built over the years, covering the entire value chain design, product development, manufacturing, logistics and distribution. Vision And Fashion Optics Group’s mission is to protect the eyes and enhance the look of women and men in the world, creating the best possible eyewear to satisfy its clients and interpret consumer tastes and aspirations. The Group pursues this mission ethically and responsibly, engaging all of its energy, skill and experience, keenly aware of how essential glasses are to the well-being of consumers, allowing them to work, read and communicate their personal style. Among its core strengths, a strong and well-balanced brand portfolio includes iconic brands that manufacturer in Italy And other brands that manufacturer in Germany, Japan And France.

And is complemented by an extensive retail network of over 50 Showrooms around MENA REGION